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1. Talk to Serf

Serf is located down a set of stairs in the middle of the new swamp. They are partially hidden by trees.

2. Kill 25 Swamp Monsters

3. Talk to Serf
He will tell you about trying to find a cure for evil and how Apozen has worked against him. He will also tell you about his brother Gullio.

4. Find Gullio
He's located in the Skeleton Dungeon and he's been cursed. Which means you're going to have to walk back to...

5. Serf
Apparently he needs "Herbs", 10 of them in fact. Go buy them at the Aeven Grocer.

6. Back to Serf and bring 10 mushrooms... 

7. Serf again and bring 14 blob slimes...

8. Serf again and bring 5 Gnome Dolls...

9. Serf again
Finally he tells you to go to Ayla to finish the cure potion.

10.Go to Ayla
You need to go and find more information about Apozen and the curse. So off you go to...

11.Hitaru's Shop.
Hitaru's Shop is located in Stronghold below Stronghold Bank.Step in front of his book and you'll be directed right back to...

12. Ayla
Who tells you that the book in Hitaru's shop isn't quite enough. instead have to venture down into the Underworld to get to Apozen's Lair

 13. Apozen's Lair

While you're here -- after the hundred times it will take you to get here. You might want to stick around and try to pick up a knob staff. You're going to need it if you're after the lens of truth...While you're doing that don't forget to check the book on the left hand side.

14. Go back to Ayla who will tell you that you have everything you need to cast the reversal spell.
15. Get 5 Ancient Scrolls.

16. Give Her 4 of them and then use the last one to teleport yourself up to the ancient city.

17. The Ancient place is hidden -- Go to the map to the right of the orb (center) and then go to the top right of the map (a little brown strip will tell you where the entrance is)

18. Click on Ayla -- and perform the ritual.
The map will start to go crazy so try to click on ayla while it's moving. Then Log off and log back in (Quest Glitch be should fix at some point. Warping and exiting the map will not help here)

19. Go see Serf in the Swamp for your reward.

Optional Reward:
1. 5500 experience
2. For a knob staff and ten orbs of light Serf will craft you a Lens of Truth.

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