Current Endless-Edge Version : v11

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Endless Edge Database

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About Us:

This website was originally Endless-Edge-Information. As you can see we have moved, modified and changed then name of our website; this should make things more interesting. Our goal here on Edge-Information is to create useful information to help everyone playing Endless-Edge. All of our information will be kept up to date and has been created by Bully and Character.

About Endless-Edge Private Server:

Endless-Edge is a continuation of the original Endless Online, also known as Main and Test. With an actual admin ''Rexor'' from the original Endless Online Server, teaming with ''Apollo'' the creator of Endless-Edge and moderator on EOSERV, and "Bart" the programmer of EOSERV) will do the unimaginable. This is a server you can put your hard work and effort into. With a little dedication and determinations you can rise to the top. You are unable to use cheats such as Eo-trainer. The Endless-Edge Team is not doing this to be cruel, It is simply there so that everyone can be ensured that all players are training fairly.

                                 Please Clarify your questions with EEmain and/or EEdev

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