Levels 0-6

What you are going to want to do to get out of Newb Land quick is kill goats till level 3. You will lose health quickly so try and conserve it by hitting the goat once, moving and letting the goat come to you, then hit it once or twice more and move again(It helps to save you'r money, goat horns and clothes). Once your level 4 you should go to the Main Lands by eaither letting something kill you or going to the boat on the next map to sail off. Now that your finally here you can go to the Witch in Aeven to sell your goat horns for 15g each and then make your way to the Aeven clothes shops and sell your clothes for 3g each. Then (Do Not Beg!) but kindly say one time on global that you are new an you need some things to help you on Endless-Edge. If you beg players will not like or give you items. Now that you have money go to the Desert pot shop to buy small health pots. Then make your way to the goats near Hollowdale or you can go kill sheep till level 5. Then go sell your stuff at Aeven again and buy more pots at the Desert.

Levels 6-10

Once you are level 6 you should go to Flowies and Springs located in the Sheep map. They drop gold, flowers and springs which you can sell to the Witch in Aeven. Springs are a little hard to kill at level 6 so if you prefer to stay there you can collect their drops, while training. But if you feel its to difficult to train at Flowies and Springs till level 10 you can go to the cave in Desert and kill gnomes and rocks, they will also drop money.

Levels 10-20

Okay this leveling spot will be somewhat slower but trust me it will pay off, literally. Go to the Chest Room located in the game room, which is located across from the Ice Cave. Once your in the Chest Room, kill the pink Infernos. They will drop tickets which you can sell to the Prize Master located right outside of the Chest Room. Once in a while, check the chest for Good Force wings, Fire Force Wings and gun.

Levels 20-35

Go to the New Swamp located in Port. Kill Angry Vines and Rotevigs, you can go slay some dragons too but make sure to bring some health potions.

Levels 35-100

If you have lots of money to pay for lots of health potions then I suggest to train in Hall Of Pain and kill those Biters, you will level very fast but beware of the spikes they will take a big chunk of your health away ( depends on your Constitution ) so try and not move around so much. If you can't afford all the pots it takes to stay alive in Heall Of Pain, then go to Pacman in the Game Room but watch out ITS A PK ZONE, and there is usually someone always there. You will still need pots but not as much as you would in Hall Of Pain

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