Here are the  list of rules for all in game players. No excuses will be accepted and there will be no special treatment. 

1)No Cursing in GLB or Populated areas. (These means any area that contains more than just you and your buddies.)
2)No Discrimination. (Includes discrimination against Race, Gender, Sexual Preference, etc. etc. etc.)
3)No Harassment.
4)Be respectful.
5)No Spamming.
6)No Hax.
7)No advertising IPs, Servers, or Server websites.
8)No "mature" content (example: sex, drugs, etc.)
9)No inappropriate Character Names, Guild Names, Guild Tags, Guild Ranks, or Titles.
10)No buying/selling of items for real life money/items.
11)No buying/selling or giving of accounts at all.
12)No mute dodging.

And all else (for example: overly inappropriate jokes, etc.) will be left to the judgement of the Admins.

NOTE- DROP/LOAN ITEMS AT YOUR OWN RISK: It is never a good idea to drop or let someone borrow items that you wish to keep. Not everyone will be nice enough to return such items. If you lose an item like this, there isnt really anything we can do about it. Also, if you pay the wrong price for an item, we cant help you. It is your responsibility to check prices before buying. You have been warned.

If you are still unclear about what words are not acceptable, use this link

This list of rules was originally posted on the Endless Edge forum by Novva.

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