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1. Talk to Pjedro (in the Malone Outpost top left house) -- He'll tell you about how he lost his son.

2. Talk to Pjedro's wife Merriad -- she'll tell you a little more of the story.

3. Talk to Pjedro once again -- he'll ask you to go and find his boy for him.

4. Talk to Pjedro's sister Nina in Anundo -- she'll give you a little more of the story.

5. Talk to the guard outside the reaper cave -- he'll give you the runaround and then send you to his captain at the castle.

6. Talk to the Elite Captain. Despite his brutal use of the English language you can now go back to the guard and find out more of the story.

7. Turns out the little brat is in the haunted house. Go there and climb to the 4th floor. Then you have to find the book and stand in front of it. (Go right and then up. It's a book on a podium).

8. When you've stood in front of the book you'll receive a scroll of truth. Go talk to Ayla at the witch's house. She will read the scroll of truth which takes you to the entrance of the Woods of Despair.

9. Find the Bird Fortress which is located in the Woods of Despair -- (Directions from entrance: RDDRRRDL) -- while you're here kill some birdmen, barbarians and get yourself a normal key.

10. Talk to Pjedro's Son. Agree to take him home and you'll warp back to Pjedro's house. Then talk to Pjedro.


4000 experience

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