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1. Talk to the Old Pirate on the docks at the southeast corner of Aeven. He will ask you if you're a pirate and you say "yeah, I'm a pirate". He's going to want a drink so fetch him 20 fairysodas. Here's my tip on this. First pick up as many as you can from the ground on the docks. Then if you need more head up to the Aeven Pub and pull some from the chests. Buy whatever you need from the bartender to top you up.

2. After you've taken the fairysodas to the Old Pirate he will ask for a drink. Say yes and he will take your sodas (if you bring more than 20 he will take them all). Then he will give you an old treasure map (DO NOT GET RID OF THIS).

3. Go to the top right ship at the docks and talk to the pirate captain. Tell him about the map and tell him you stole it from the King. He will then invite you on a treasure hunt.

4. When you are aboard his ship you need to talk to him again. You'll have to defeat 50 imperial guards who have come aboard. If you are alone there are 20 guards between all the different decks so 3 spawns should take care of that. More if you have to compete. At 6 exp each they aren't worth the effort of staying behind.

5. After you have killed 50 guards talk to the captain again and he will take you to Vulture (vult-r :) Island. Go into the first pyramid entrance.

A note about the Pyramids: There are three traps in the pyramid. The first is a general HP drain that reduces your HP by 4 every 20 seconds. The second are visible spike tiles that go up and down doing 8 damage (if you step over them when they are up you take no damage). Finally, there are hidden spike tiles that do 8 damage each that spring when you step on them.

There are also 3 monsters and 1 boss we'll talk about later. Rats (no change). Tomb Mummies (60 exp and built like ogres in terms of damage and variable speed). And ICE GIANTS?!? (ok...these probably should be changed with something else.)

 When you are in the pyramid keep your potions handy because you'll need them. Go up one map and then Left. (from entrance U L D L D L U R) In this room you will find the archaeologist -- Dr. . He will babble on about his book of maps which is important later. Trace your steps back to the entrance and then go Right Instead of Left ( from entrance U R R D D R R U U L L L L) and this should bring you to the Great Worm's lair. If you fight the worm know that it is fast but you can also solo it. You get 300 exp for killing it. What you really need to know is that the Doctor's Book is on the bottom left. Step on it to pick it up and then head back to the entrance retracing your steps. (Pay attention to the room with the raised platform...this is important).

7. When you return to the doctor he'll thank you and then you need to talk to him again. Show him your old map (this is why you shouldn't get rid of it). Now retrace your steps to the Altar (raised platform room). When you step there you're status will change again. Once more it's back to the doctor (see why pots and CON are so valuable for this one?)

8. The Doc will tell you that the entrance to the second pyramid is now open so you need to get out of this pyramid and then enter the second pyramid (behind the first one). The solution is LEFT, UP, UP, DOWN.

9. Walk down to the treasure chest and you will be rewarded with an Aztec Crown. This is a wearable hat but the quest isn't quite finished.

10. You can now take the crown and keep it or you can trade it.


Pirate: 4,000 exp and 1,200 gold.

Archaologist: 6,200 exp. 

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