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1. Talk to a young pirate, he is over a ship at the south part of Aeven's Port.

2. Now talk to the Pirate Captain to take his test

3. Fight 3 drunken pirates and talk again to the Pirate Captain.

4. Now Pirate Captain will let you choose which test to take:

A. Find Atlantis' Secret:

Find Atlantis at the Death Cave

On the flooded area look for the house on the lower right corner

Inside the house walk to the right, then Up until the next entrance
and then all the way left. Walk Up and youll see an entrance on the top wall.

On the next section walk down till you cant go on because of a wall, then
walk left towards the left wall, then keep walking down ultil you find a book
in its holder. Stand in front of the book.

B. Kill Octo

Get into the Octo lair at the dungeon and get one Octo kill.

5. Go back to talk to the Pirate Captain.

6. Kill 20 Rats.

7. Talk to the Pirate Captain, he will ask you to talk to the Young Pirate.

8. Talk to the Youg Pirate again, he will give you a Quiz, answer the right questions or
    you will have to do it all over again. The answers are:

Flag Name: Jolly Roger

Treasure Share: Double Share

Captain's Cabin: Always Open

9. Now you should be able to travel to the Monkey Island, in here look for a small cottage at
    the top right side of the island, enter it.

10. Talk with the Lost Pirate inside of it, he will tell you to bring him 10 fishes.

11. Go back to Atlantis and kill fishes until you collect 10 fish drops.

12. Go back again to the Monkey Island and give the fishes to the Lost Pirate, he will tell
      you a riddle: 

"Stand right on the unique pair that carried the roof of the temple..."
(Its the pair of pillars pair that is north from the "7" shaped brick road)
"...15 steps east from this spot...12 steps south..."
(walk 15 steps to the east, then 12 steps down)
"...then twice as much at the west..." 
(walk 24 steps to the left)
"...walk 24 steps in a direction other than were you came from..."
(walk 24 steps up)
"...walk 14 steps to the west..."
(walk 14 steps left)


- 1,600 Gold and Pirate Hat

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