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                                               Starting Area: Aeven 

  Keep walking right until your in the end of the map and then walk up until you enter the next map.

  Once you entered the next map , walk Upper Left and enter the stairs.

  Walk Up And then down until you can see the stairs. ( Obviously walk into it to enter the next map. )

  Your Almost There :) ,Walk Up and Right until the entered the next map.

  Welcome To Ice Land , Continue walking Up and then walk down until the next map. ( Follow The path )


  Enter the Cabin.

  Welcome To The Blue Room.

                                    The Blue Room Contains The Following :

            Pacman Room : South West                           Rainbow Room :  West

              Hall Of Borg :  South East                               Chest Room : North


                                   Item Name:                      Ingredients:

                                      Credit                             200 Vouchers

                                     Voucher                          200 Tickets

                                     Heart Ring                      200 Tickets

                                     Sapphire Elf Bracelet   2 Vouchers, 200 Tickets

                                     Orange Baru                  200 Vouchers

                                     Ragnarok                       250 Vouchers

                                     Silver Key                      10 Credits

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