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                                       Starting Area: Halowdale

  Walk Right and Up until you can see a sign. ( Follow The Brick Tiles )

  Keep walking Right until you reach the wall , then walk Up and enter the next map.

 Walk Up and then follow the left path. 

  Keep following the paths.

 The 4 stairs will lead you to the sewers so just walk right until you can see a bridge

  Enter the next map.

  Follow the path and enter the next map.


  Walk Up and then keep walking left until u can see another path leading to another map.

 Enter the next map. ( Note : Always Read Signs )

  Your almost there, keep walking left until you can reach the next map.

  Welcome to the Apollo's Labyrinth Entrance. ( In-order to start the Labyrinth , talk to the Maze Master ) 

  And i think you need to check the town board first so you can realize how hard is it.

 For all players doing the Labyrinth , Good Luck!

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