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1. Talk to the ancient wraith, he's on Haunted House's 6th floor on his own room.

2. Kill Reaper and talk to the ancient wraith again.

3. Kill Ninja Leader at Anundo and then talk to the ancient wraith again.

4. Kill the octopus, then, talk to the ancient wraith again.

5. Kill Apozen and talk to the ancient wraith.

6. Get 100 piggies, 100 snake teeth, 100 Tembas bags, 100 imp stings, 100 wurm heads
    and 10 dragon wings (you can keep the dragon wings after the quest).

7. Talk to the ancient wraith again and give him all the ingredients.

8. Kill 500 players at the PK zone (on jail area). -Tip, due to a glitch, for now, you can
    use 500 small potions instead).

9. Talk to the ancient wraith for the last time for your request.


- 10000 experience
- Ancient Wraith Key
Ancient Wraith Key allows you to get inside the ancient wraith's chamber, where you can get
Scav bows and 600-699 Small Potions drops.

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